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Articles and stories

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A conversation
Hosting a play party
Safety in consensual S&M whip-play

Alexa's story

If BDSM is for me then why do I feel so guilty?

SHE: a story



Submission and morality

Attending a Play Party

Karen Reveals Herself

Submissive and romantic love

BDSM safety issues and rules for safe play


The Hat

brenda's story

Let me

The women's leather scene in Australia

Cat and mouse

Negotiation for scenes, and finding a partner

Thoughts while bound to a tree

Coming out

On-line domination

Understanding Submission

destiny's story

On-line submission

Unspeakable Acts

Dom-space and sub-space

On-line, or V/L, BDSM

What constitutes a good Dom/me?

ember's story

Peter's story

What it is like to be a Dominant



What it is like to be a submissive

Gag safety

Preparation of canes


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