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Karen Reveals Herself

27 August 1997

At the ripe old age of 35 I recently changed jobs and cities. Purely voluntary, you understand, I've never been one to stay in the one place and do the same thing for very long. I've always moved around a fair bit--a couple of years here, a couple of years there; even going so far as to spend a couple of years "OS". Along the way I've learned a fair bit and tried my hand at many things.

I was quite pleased with the new job, partly because of the work itself (which let me meet people and chat a fair bit) and partly because of the people in the office. I maybe should say "girls in the office" because, apart from the boss, I was the only guy. And, my, doesn't it do the old heart good to be surrounded by attractive young women when you're single and new in town!

About half the girls in the office were doing the same job that I was: providing moral support and telephonic hand-holding for the customers. I realized pretty early on that most of my work was effectively saying, "There, there!" a lot in a sympathetic tone.

The lunch invitations weren't long in coming and most days a pleasant lunch was had in the local shopping mall or in the park, when it was warm enough, in the company of one or two very nice, often very attractive young women.

Inevitably the lunches, at least the early ones, tended a little towards interrogations--all the girls wanting to know about what I'd done before--and subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, questions designed to work out if I was single and available.

And during the "interrogations" I sometimes mentioned that I'd studied hypnosis while I was in Europe. This fact almost always got a reaction, often questions like, "What's it like to be hypnotised?", and, "Is it true that you're really under the control of the hypnotist and that you'll do whatever he tells you?"

I answered the questions as best I could and usually the conversation then just wandered on to something else. One of the girls, Karen, a very cute red-head that I guessed to be about 25, was more persistent on the subject than the others. She was a light smoker and asked if hypnosis could help her give it up and if I knew how to do it.

That was something easy so I offered to help her out. I invited her around to my apartment the next day, Saturday, and told her to bring a friend to act as chaperone (it's a good idea, I learned while I was studying, to have someone act as observer to avoid problems if the subject maybe fantasises that she was taken advantage of while in the trance). We agreed on ten in the morning.

At the end of the day, as we were leaving the office, Karen reminded me of our appointment, waved and headed off towards the train station. I headed for the bus stop and, later, when I got home, I pulled out my old notes and checked up on stop-smoking hypnosis techniques.

The next morning, right on ten o'clock, the doorbell rang. Karen was there, wearing a blue jeans and a slightly baggy track-suit top. She was also alone.

I invited her in and guided her into the lounge "area". I say "area" because I lived in basically a very large attic. The one room, with a fireplace on one side, served as the lounge room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. Oh, and not to be forgotten, there was a little bathroom with just a shower off to one side. The whole apartment was very roomy (apart from the slight problem that along one side, where the roof sloped down, you had to be very small to actually take advantage of the space!) I'd set up the lounge area right in the middle of the room.

I kept a fire burning all the time when I was home. At night the flickering firelight on all the dark-red wooden beams and panelling gave the place a nice relaxing feeling.

Karen sat down in one of the two comfortable armchairs. I sat in the other, opposite her, and we started to talk. For a while we just chatted and I tried to make her feel at ease. And then after a while I turned to the subject of hypnosis and smoking.

I explained to her that I liked to stop people smoking over a few sessions instead of just one, firstly to make sure the "patient" is used to being hypnotised and goes into a deep trance and, second, because reinforcing the treatment a few times makes it a lot more effective. Karen listened attentively and asked all the right questions. She seemed more and more enthusiastic about starting as we went along.

Finally I asked her about the friend she was supposed to have brought along. She said that she hadn't been able to find anyone at such short notice but that she'd like to go ahead anyway.

I decided to use the metronome technique on her. I got my old, faithful metronome out of the bookcase. And set it on the coffee table in front of her and started it ticking. Then I told Karen to close her eyes, relax and listen to the metronome.

I told her to concentrate on the ticking and to try and clear her mind of all other thoughts. I told her to relax and that my voice would help her go into a trance. I slowly guided her into a trance, relaxing her a little at a time, not hurrying and occasionally doing a simple test to see how she was going. She seemed to be going surprisingly deep but, at the beginning, I didn't want to do any thorough tests so I wasn't sure.

After a while I stopped talking for a few minutes to let her get used to the feeling and then I did some more serious tests. I made her arm go stiff and told her she couldn't bend it (you could see her trying but the arm stayed straight), told her that there was a cat on the floor (there wasn't) and that she should pat it (she did). She obviously had a great imagination and was convinced there was a cat there: she described it in detail when I asked. I even got her to draw it.

Then I told her that I was going to wake her up and that she wouldn't realize that I'd already hypnotised her, and that she'd go back into a trance when I said the word, "baby-doll", to her. Then I woke her up.

I woke her up by counting backwards from 10 and as soon as I said "one" her head lifted up sharply, her eyes opened and she started asking me some more questions about being hypnotised, this time asking about how much a hypnotist could control the subject against the subject's will. She apparently had forgotten about being hypnotised! This was clinched a couple of minutes later when she asked me when I was going to hypnotise her and how I was going to do it.

I pointed at the metronome, now still on the table, and told her that she'd already been hypnotised and that I'd used the metronome to do it. She clearly didn't believe me. I didn't try to convince her, I just said, "baby-doll". Her head flopped forward straight away and back she went into a trance.

I spent a few minutes putting her deeper into a trance and the gave her some suggestions about the smoking. I told her that she would find herself thinking about lighting-up less and less often as the days passed and that she wouldn't feel any withdrawal symptoms related to smoking less. I added that whenever she found herself in a situation where she would normally have smoked that she would instead find herself relaxing and coping without getting nervous (which always seem to be the main feeling that prompts people to pull out a cigarette--it gives them something to do with their hands, a manifestation of the nervousness that lets it out of their systems).

Before I finished I got her to sit up straight and answer some questions. Her eyes were still closed.

"How do you feel?", I asked.

"Relaxed", she murmured.

"Are you happy with the post-hypnotic suggestions I've given you?", I asked.

She hesitated a moment before replying. "Yes", she said.

The hesitation concerned me a little. I had been expecting the "yes" without the hesitation.

"Are you unhappy about the suggestions I've given you?".


"Did you want something else?", I asked.

She hesitated again. "Yes", she replied in a quiet whisper.

I realized that there was something going on here that she was reluctant to talk about. A way around this can be telling the subject not to remember what they told you once they're woken up. This helps when it's something the subject is embarrassed about. I tried it.

"Ok, Karen", I said, "you can answer my questions now but once you're awake you won't remember anything about what we talk about. Will you answer me now?".

"Yes", she replied, "I had wanted to feel what it was like being under your control and not being able to resist".

"What sort of thing did you have in mind?", I asked.

Another hesitation. "I don't know", she replied.

I decide to play yes-no to get the answer. "Do you want me to make you do something like dance?".


"Do you want me to make you do something that you would normally strongly resist?".


"Do you want me to make you do something that might embarrass you?".


"Like take off your clothes?".


"How will you feel after you've undressed if I give you a post-hypnotic suggestion to do so and you're awake when you do it?", I asked.

"Embarrassed", she replied, "... and angry with you ... and humiliated".

"Is that what you want me to do now?".


I sat back in my chair. This was a surprise! I wasn't sure what to do. I got up and wandered over to the 'fridge and poured myself an OJ. I leaned back against the kitchen bench and slowly drank. My mind was spinning a little. I knew now why she'd come alone. Maybe she hadn't realized it herself. Finally I put the empty glass in the sink and went back and sat down. Karen was still sitting up straight, eyes closed.

I had a couple of questions to ask before I went any further. "Will you come back to me again to be hypnotised if I make you undress in front of me?".

"Yes", she murmured.

"Is getting you to undress as far as you want me to go with controlling you?".


"Where do you want me to stop?".

"I don't want you to stop. I want to feel that I can't resist anything you tell me".

"Ok. Just relax now and go deeper into a trance", I told her then. Her head slowly sank forward 'till it was lightly resting on her chest.

I spent a few minutes deepening the trance. At the same time I was trying to think of what to tell her to do.

I decided to play it a little safe.

"Now, Karen", I said, "soon after I wake you up I will say the word, "rabbit", and when I do you will lean forward in you chair and take off your track-suit top and everything that you are wearing under it so that you're completely top-less. You won't be able to help doing this. You will feel unable to resist no matter how hard you try."

"Once you are completely top-less you be able to control yourself again except that you won't be able to cover up or hide your breasts in any way until I put you back into a trance and release you from this command".

"As well, Karen, any time in future that I say, "baby-doll", to you you will immediately go into a deep trance. You won't even realize what is happening. You will just go straight into a trance when I say, "baby-doll".

There, I thought, that should be interesting. Very interesting.

I repeated the suggestions to her and then finally, just before I woke her, I told her that once she was wake she'd remember being in a trance without actually remembering what I said, just that she'd feel relaxed and happy about what had gone on.

I woke her up, counting to ten backwards again, and, as I reached "one" she lifted up her head and opened her eyes almost as if she'd just been taking a nap.

She shook herself a little and then declared, "so you did hypnotise me. I didn't believe it at first. It was like nothing had happened. Now I remember though".

I asked her how she felt, what her reaction was to the first time she'd been hypnotised. She replied that she was quite happy with it and that she felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. I commented that hypnosis often had that quite-pleasant side-effect.

I leaned back and stretched. I offered her a coffee and she accepted. I went over to the kitchen and turned the pot on. As we waited for the water to boil I asked her more about herself and we chatted.

Once the coffee was ready I took it over to her and put it on the table. We continued to chat about this and that as she drank the coffee. Finally, when she was about half finished with it and was setting it on the table, I said, "rabbit", the trigger word.

She suddenly stopped, but just for a moment, and then her hands started pulling her track-suit top over her head. "What!", she exclaimed. And then her mouth just sort of dropped open as the top came over her head and was dropped on the floor beside her chair.

Underneath the track-suit top she was wearing a plain white T-shirt. She started pulling this off when her mouth closed again. Then she said in an accusing tone, "What am I doing? Did you do this?". The T-shirt continued to come off, but slowly. Her arms were twitching a little as they moved. I guessed that she was trying to fight it.

I didn't answer her questions. I though the answers were pretty obvious so I just watched as more skin became visible. Very nice skin, I might add.

Under the T-shirt was a plain white bra. Her breasts weren't large, but then size doesn't really matter that much to me. "More than a handful is a waste", an old teacher of mine used to say.

As her hands reached up behind her to undo the bra she spoke again. This time, instead of angry, she sounded afraid. She implored me to let her stop. Then, as the bra straps came undone she begged me, "Please! Don't make me undress in front of you".

I still didn't speak. Her arms were twitching even more now - she was putting up a good fight - but the bra still came off and fell to the floor beside her. Her face started to turn red as she looked up at me. I thought I could see a tear in her eye. I wondered if she was going to cry.

"Don't look at me!", she begged. Her hands started to move towards her bare breasts, then stopped short. "I can't control my arms! Why can't I cover myself? Don't look at me! I feel so naked in front of you here. Don't look!", she insisted again. She sounded as helpless as a child but certainly her figure belied that.

I just sat back a few seconds more and admired that beautiful figure. She was leaning back in her chair again now and I could see that there was no excess fat on that frame.

At the office Karen had tended to wear unexciting clothes - nothing that had shown off her figure - but now I could see that, at least from the waist up, she was a knock-out.

Her breasts hardly sagged at all and those beautiful big nipples were standing right out. They were so big I was sure I could have hung my coat on one of them!

Karen, in the meantime, had gone completely red. "You can't cover yourself up until I let you", I told her, "and the view is not something I'd like to see covered up for the moment".

I got up and walked around her chair. She turned her head to follow me. I wasn't really interested in her face for the moment. I couldn't help but admire those breasts!

Karen had her hands in her lap now. Once or twice she lifted them up and tried to cover herself but her hands always stopped short.

"What happens now?", she asked angrily.

"Just this", I said, "... baby-doll!".

She started relaxing and seemed to sink into the chair. Her eyes closed and her head fell forward. She was back in a trance.

I spent a few minutes deepening the trance and then got her to sit up.

Before I went any further there was something I just had to do. I reached out and put my hand on her breast. It felt so beautifully warm and silky with the roughness that was her nipple in the centre. I moved over to her chair and sat on the arm then continued to fondle her with both hands. Karen just sat there without reacting.

Finally, after I'd had my fill, it was time to go on. I went back to my chair and sat down.

"How do you feel?", I asked her.

"Good... relaxed", she replied quietly.

"Was what happened just now what you wanted?".


"How did you feel about it?".

"Humiliated... excited".

"What do you mean excited?".

"Sexually... I'm very wet now".

"Do you want to do something like this again?".


"Ok, good", I said.

"When I wake you", I continued, "you won't remember this conversation. Your body, arms and legs will be back completely under your control though, and you will be able to cover yourself up again if you want to".

I stood up and went over to my cupboard and got out my Polaroid camera and some film. I put the camera on the table in front of Karen and sat down.

I told her to open her eyes. They half opened - she just stared straight ahead. "Look at the camera on the table", I said. Her eyes moved down to look at it. "Do you know how to use that camera?", I asked.


"Good", I said, "sit back now and close your eyes again". As she leaned back and relaxed I continued, "when you leave here you will take that camera and the film with you. It will seem a normal thing to do. Then, tomorrow, Sunday, you will undress completely and photograph yourself naked. You will photograph yourself in revealing and intimate positions. You won't be able to resist doing so. Then on Monday you will bring the camera and all the photos to the office and give them to me. You will not be able to stop yourself photographing yourself naked and then giving me the camera and photos on Monday".

I reinforced the suggestions a couple of times more and then woke her up. As soon I reached "one" her head snapped up and her arms wrapped around her, covering her breasts. She looked at me angrily then stood up, turned away from me, picked up her clothes and got dressed.

She turned towards me, still apparently very angry, started to speak and then thought better of it. She grabbed her bag, stuffed the camera and film into it and stormed out. The door slammed shut.

I just sat there for about five minutes. Interesting stuff, I thought. I got my wallet and went out for a walk to clear my head. Monday was definitely going to be very interesting!

That whole weekend my mind kept going back to what had happened. Maybe I'd been too cautious and should have gone further, I thought. There would be time enough in the future, I decided. And if there wasn't then I'd done the right thing by being cautious and not going too far.

I got to the office a little late on Monday. As I walked in I looked around for Karen but there was no sign of her at her desk. I headed over to my corner and sat down. I checked my messages and my mail and then started taking calls. It wasn't long before I had forgotten Karen for the moment.

About eleven as I idly spun around a bit on my swivel chair during a call I noticed Karen walking over to me. She didn't look real happy. She had my camera and a fat envelope in her hand

"Here", she hissed as she threw my camera and envelop into my in-tray, "I take you're responsible for these too!". She turned and stamped off.

At the end of the call I switched myself to "not taking calls" and then pulled my in-tray over. The camera didn't seem to have suffered any damage from the way she'd thrown it in the tray.

The envelop contained, as I'd hoped and expected, some photos and, my my, what interesting photos they were! There were about twenty of them--all of them with Karen naked--most with a clear shot of her pussy. Her face was a little red in some of them. I couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or anger (or excitement?)

Two of the photos also had a dildo in them, though I won't tell you where it was. I'll leave that up to your imagination. Karen's subconscious mind's interpretation of "revealing and intimate" was certainly interesting. She was there in all positions and, if I wasn't very much mistaken, the glistening around her pussy indicated a certain "sexual arousal". What a horny woman, I thought.

The photos and camera went into my bag and I went back to work. I wondered every now and then about Karen, but every time I saw her and she saw me all I got was an angry look. It wasn't until Thursday that I got a word from her.

Obviously she had been thinking about what had happened and her reaction (in her pants) to it. Late Thursday I turned around after a call to find her standing next to me. "We need to talk", she said. She didn't seem particularly angry any more.

"What happened Saturday at your place and then Sunday when I was alone really shocked me", she explained. I didn't interrupt.

"And I was angry. But at the same time I was also, in a way, excited by it. I've been thinking about it a lot and I've realized that the feeling of helplessness is what turned me on and I want to feel it again. I'd like to continue the "treatment" if it's alright with you".

I could hardly hide my enthusiasm. I'd already been making plans for her. We arranged the next "session" for that Saturday.

I could go on and tell you what happened but suffice it to say that what I had already guessed turned out to be true: Karen really got turned on by feeling as if she was under my control and that she couldn't resist. She didn't show any interest in "voluntary" sex but was horny as hell and completely uninhibited if I hypnotised her and "made" her do it... and "it" included anything you could possibly imagine. Most Friday evenings or Saturday mornings now find her at my apartment and a hot time is had by all.

I've hypnotised her more times than I can count, at least four or five times each weekend, sometimes more. I've discovered that she's quite a sexy exotic and striptease dancer when "ordered" to be.

Her solo photo sessions also go on. Every couple of weeks she takes photos of herself in "interesting" poses, sometimes in not-so-private places like parks, quiet beaches and up in the mountains. All quite "unwillingly", of course! She's planning on buying a video-camera soon so I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting home videos shortly thereafter.


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