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Let me

26 December 1997

Poetry by Danae

**Let me**

  Let me feel You tug my soft black hair
and bid me kneel before Your feet

Let me feel Your leather boot
press grind into my thigh

Let me feel Your stinging slaps
that spank across my tush

Let me feel Your wicked gaze
fill with fuckful thoughts

Let me feel Your rigid teeth
bite into my nipples

Let me feel Your chest just heave
with baited, desirious breath

Let me be Your slave

Let me be Your toy

Let me be Your one and only
plaything, love and joy

19 December, 1997
**Let me** (2)

  Let me be
Your pleasure

Let me be
Your toy

Let me be
Your fuck slave

Let me be
Your joy

Let me taste
Your cock

Let me feel its length

Let me lick it with my tongue
Caress it with my breath

Let me slowly
Beg You cum
White hot thick across my throat

Let me slowly
Feel You cum
Shoot into my wet hot cunt

Let me slowly undress
For You
in slow seductive trance

Let me be Your partner
In this sexually erotic dance
Bare my nipples
Spread my legs
And kiss Your lips
With absolute delight

Let me feel Your hands
Touch my silken skin
Possessing all this woven treasure
Utterly and completely
Without and within

Let me be Your slave
Let me be Your toy
Let me be Your one and only
Plaything, Love and Joy

21 December, 1997  

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