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08 January 1999

Copyright (c) 1999, caroline

You lead us both into the club on one lead attached to the chain between our collars. Harnessed alike. Chained together via our collars. Our hands cuffed behind us. Our breasts thrust out as our shoulders are sharply pulled back. Maximum effect for exhibiting. We are obviously yours. People part as we move silently, heads bowed behind you.

You make us stand in the centre of the room facing each other, apart as far as the lead between us will allow. You caress her breasts, mine tingle in response. Your fingers stretch her nipples, my vulva throbs. I watch with fascination her pale nipples painfully stretched. With your other hand you touch my cheeks and outline my lips. Head bowed I part them. Your finger slides on my inner wetness. My nipples stand erect.

You withdraw from a pocket several chains. Nipple clamps. You place some chains in my mouth then some in hers. Our eyes seek each other across your hands. Hers shining loving and moist... her lips holding these chains--a mirror.

I watch you bind her arms high above her head and twist and weave the rope encasing her arms, her head, her throat, chest, waist. You attach her wrists to the bar above stretching her. I feel the leather around my arms next. Identical to her. She is swaying slightly, I give in to the sensation and float, sway, surrender as my wrists are hooked to the bar. You spread our legs and anchor them apart. Opening us both up. Stretching us some more. Delicious. We are inches apart. I can feel her heat. Smell her excitement. My heart races.

Your hands touch us both simultaneously. Soft and fluttering. I start to shiver and undulate. Moaning. Mine?

You take a chain out of her mouth. Pinching one nipple you tighten the clasp. Her eyes widen and her breathing quickens. You stroke her cheeks lovingly till she calms and rides above the sharp pain.

Taking the end of the chain you turn to me and I realize: my god, you are going to clamp me to her. My heart leaps and my throat constricts. I seek her eyes wildly. She seeks me in her pain. I feel the sharp bite. It is my turn to breath quickly. I am panting. I sink into your blue eyes full of love and lust my mind rebelling my body screaming the pain sears through my soft flesh and turns into a strong dull throb. We look at one another across our chained nipples.

You take a chain out of my mouth. Stroking my cheek and kissing my mouth. Your hand molding my other breast. I try to offer you my breast as best I can. Yes, My Lord, yes. I am yours. Searing pain and your eyes piercing into my soul. I float, expand. Through my panting and daze I watch her face mirror mine. We are joined. She moans and shivers. I instantly register her movement in my breast. We face each other increasingly aware of each others movements, breathing and recognize us becoming one.

You stroke her then me then her and then both of us. We ride on the sensations. When you move her breast you move mine through the chain. When you sensitize my nipple with your thumbs she feels it in hers through the chain. Sisters, we are bound together.

You take the last chain from her mouth. You kiss me. Then kneeling down between us you attach the clamp to my clitoris. I am dripping and you lick me. I know I am wet but can not see. Cannot move. Can only feel the hard bite. She and I know we will be attached together at our cunts. She looks at me. I stare at her awash with sensations. My throbbing clit feels her hips move and she mine. We pull on each other. Her eyes dilate and I know we are truly chained together.

Chained we wait your pleasure.

You move around us and behind us. I feel your size and heat behind me and see you in her eyes as she stares at us, your hands fondling my waist, hips and breasts. Every undulation you cause in me she feels as I do. You play with the three flimsy chains making them swing and burn and start up the throbbing. You move behind her and she moans as you stretch her breasts. My breasts react in kind.

Your moistened finger is on my vulva jiggling the chain causing her to shiver. My god, my clit is throbbing and thick with blood... sensitized... oh, please my Lord, please, give me a release... I see you tease her too. Her breathing quickens too. Our eyes are joined in hunger and frustration.

Several times you cause us to reach the peak and pull us back. We are both on the edge of sensation. You move away out of our sight leaving us together alone in our shared sensations. Dripping. Throbbing. Stretched and expanded. Every breath, every slight move registered in the other. Sharing our pain and our pleasure.

I hear the single tail before I see you return. She and I stare at each other. That familiar crack. I instinctively tighten and pull on the chains setting off the throbbing and tingling. Oh god. You intend to whip us like this.

Your eyes are in front of me. You ask me if I am ready. Yes. Yes, she says. You put a gag in my mouth because you know I need it. She leaves off one. You strike her first. I see her face white, her eyes wild. I feel her body move as the chains pull on my nipples and clit. The blood is throbbing in my veins. I bite the leather between my teeth. I feel your stinging touch. Slowly turning into a burn. Itching heat. Again, and again and again you lash her, then me. I scream in my head and float.

Please sir, more sir. You crack the air the next one lands square. I stare at her--beautiful in the throes of ecstasy swaying. Your red marks livid, wealing on her breasts. Somewhere far off I register that what I am seeing is a mirror reflection as I move and dance and float with the of sound of the tail in the air. You are making love to us. My nipples burn, my clit throbbing I hear her come. I am so close. The sting, the heat, the delicious burn. Your heat is near me I open my eyes into yours. My heart pours out love for you. I realize your fingers on the nipple clamps. My chest is heaving, my entire body is burning. "Are you ready to come for me kitten?" Yes, sir. I scream with pain and ride my orgasm as you release my nipples and clit. I sway and collapse in my bonds as you hold me to your chest. I mingle my heat with hers as we both melt into each other on your wide chest, loving grateful and satiated in your hands. Joined.


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