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27 August 2000

for Mistress Eva

"Oh Baby * ---"

sorry for my disrespect
of calling You "Baby" just then

please pardon me, Mistress;

i was getting excited,
carried away

please teach me a lesson;
please dominate me,

i eagerly await You to bind me;
i fantasize about our ultimate meeting;
our life together

i fantasize about my bondage;
in it i am totally helpless
and You have all of the keys
to all of my padlocks

padlocks everywhere,
locking me
in absolute bondage

Your hand wanders,
strokes and teases,
i love it

i struggle helplessly
loving every second
loving every minute
loving every hour

loving the days together
with you at last

loving my life
with You at last

loving being
Your sex slave

Your adoring sex slut slave,

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