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What it is like to be a submissive

24 July 1997

People new to BDSM often cannot understand what it's like to be a submissive or a slave. On this page we publish, in their own words, the stories of some submissives and slaves in the hope that their words will help the seekers and the curious to understand this way of life.

The stories are not wild, erotic sex tales, but more reflections on the needs and feelings that lead these people into BDSM and caused them to remain.


Submissives often identify very closely with their submissive nature and try and express it as much as possible when they are in an environment which accepts their lifestyle and life choice. In writing a submissive will often refer to himself or herself as "i", rather than "I". The use of lower-case, where normal English usage would indicate capitals, is common.

Submissives also often use capitals "out of place" to refer to Dominants or dominant's attributes (eg. "i sat at Her feet").

You will see this style of usage in the following stories.

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