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02 March 1999

I sit here, my fingers still sticky with her.
I can still smell her,
with a layer of plum juice
licked from my finger tips.

In my mind's eye I replay the evening.
She had been both
reluctant and eager
for me to tie her.

We stood and talked about it.
I ran my hands over her body,
pulling at the fabric of her clothes,
holding her tight to me,
teasing her.
As she got excited
I told her stories of exotic pleasures,
stroking her,
stoking her passion.

Yes, she says,
tie me, please.
Undressing her slowly,
taking my favourite soft ropes
to her naked body.
As she shivers with anticipation,
I loop coils of rope
around each wrist,
weaving her hands together with knots.
She gasps quietly
as I loop the rope
over the ceiling hook,
gently raising her trembling arms
high over her head.

She can't look at me;
she seems almost
by her own excitement.
Oh, the sight of her there,
stretched up
waiting for my pleasure,

My head against her breast,
I can hear her heart beating fast.
She shivers as I draw the ropes
across her back
under her arms
crossing above and below her breasts.

My face buries itself
in the softness and aroma
of her breasts
and skin
and nipples
as my hands draw the ropes
around and around
her breasts and body
until each breast is sticking out from a brassiere of rope.

Her beautiful breasts have my total attention... mmm.
I can smell her
and taste her
and feel her
and hear her
and see her.
My senses are saturated with her.
I am becoming obsessed!

Holding her tightly against me
she writhes in my arms,
my own excitement
with every wriggle and moan.
She sways with passion,
makes little sounds of pleasure
as my mouth enjoys her breasts.

Checking the ropes,
ensuring they are snug
and secure,
I hook the hanging chain into the back of them,
taking some of her body weight.
A nice thick leather belt around the waist,
quite tightly
attach it to the chain as well.

The leg spreader will do now I think.
Spreading her legs
to just wider than her shoulders
I strap her ankles into the leather straps
on the ends of the pole.

She looks so pretty.
My pretty prisoner.
I just have to look at her,
brush her cheeks with my fingers.
She is so helpless there!

Gently I stroke her as I look at her.
She is my willing prisoner!
Oh, I want to
play with her body
and turn her on
and make her moan
and need to lie down.

She IS just hanging there
like a goddess in space
the symmetry, the line,
it was perfect

My, my, my.
What delightful arms you have my dear,
what beautiful musculature.

I indulge my fingers with her form,
I smell her arms
and taste them.

I particularly like that curve
between rib cage and hip,
how it moves in close at the waist
then flairs out,
swooping impossibly wide.
It's such a delicious curve,
so well-defined.

She is so well-shaped
I think I'll have to put a corset on her
to accentuate that curve
even more.

I'll find a really nice one;
I think the maroon
would suit her complexion so nicely.
I fit it on her carefully
and line up
the curves of the corset with
the curves of her body
so that they match
then slowly and steadily
we pull the laces tighter
and tighter,
and fit her in snugly
all the way; hip to rib
where we pull,
add that
nip in
at the waist.
How nice, how nice,
so flattering, so perfect.

After surveying my handiwork
I reach for the plums,
so round and red
and succulent.

I lick the plum all over
to make it nice and wet
the plum is COLD
it has been in the

Her legs, so nicely spread
quiver as I brush
the plum against them.
COLD plum,
briefly brushing,
luscious cunt lips.

Rotating it against the
opening of her hole,
she gasps
as it gradually,
works into her
... until, blop!
It's all in there!

I peel the next one,
watching her squirm,
seeing her getting
by the soft but firm
fruit in her,
wriggling around,
feeling it.

The peeled plum
as I push it in.
Mmm, yummy.
This tastes nice.

I find my head
between her thighs
just sucking it up;
plum juice and girl juice,
all mixed together.

my mouth finds her clit
and lingers longer,
la, la, la, lo, loverly;
luscious licking.

another cold plum
is in my hand,
heading for her sisters
in cuntland.

Ooh, she's struggling!
Her body is bucking against my face
as I suck her
and fruit fuck her.
I'm holding on tight
as a storm of moans
and cries
breaks out all around us.

Maggie, 1998

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