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11 May 1999

(Dedicated to Mistress Alexis)

I am naked,
assume the position.
I know it well.

She grabs her rope.
Around it goes.
Through my arms
and around again,

knotted then back.
"Keep still, please."

and through again,
and back around,
again and again,
and tied off in
a love knot.

She double-checks
the bondage.
Finally she is satisfied
with my helplessness.

Then she leaves me alone.
I struggle a little.
It is hopeless.
I am helpless,

I move around a little,
trying to become comfortable.

The ropes bite in.
Time passes,
Hands become numb.
The clock ticks on.
I loose track of time,

it goes so slowly,
how much longer will
she make me wait?

More time passes.
Eventually she comes back.
Soon I will have freedom,
but not before we
have played some more.

Oh, the agony.
Oh, the ecstasy.
I truly love it.

I can't wait for my freedom,
then to do it all again.

© Peter E. Williams

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