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Safety in consensual S&M whip-play

23 July 1997

  1. NEVER land a blow from any instrument over or on a vital organ

    • This rule is mentioned often alongside its counterpart: Never ask, "did that hurt?" Try it on yourself first and KNOW if it hurts

  2. Prepare the body

    The skin is one of our most vital organs, take time before each session where whipping may be involved to prepare a submissive's skin for their beating. It need not be an intrusive preparation; you can make it part of the seduction

    Preparing the skin well will minimise the damage that occurs. Spanking from light to increasingly heavy strokes is one commonly used method

  3. Know where you are hitting

    Develop a stance and proper technique. Stand straight but relaxed, posture is important. Erect posture through each stroke will ensure that the tips of the whip land in the same place each time

    Learn as much about anatomy as you do of your submissive's desires. Learn what feels good and what is merely a distraction. Learn stance and stroke techniques and practise on an inanimate object, eg. a pillow, before you try them on your submissive

    A lot of books have been written regarding whipping styles and strokes and many of the books on the ABIS list have such information

  4. Know your whip!

    By using pillows and practising your strokes you will leave indents that will help you be able to judge the balance of your whip and how far each stroke should extend around a submissive's bottom. While improving your aim this helps when getting used to a new piece of equipment as well. You also learn what the back-swing of your whip will be and how far away to place bystanders if any

    Using a whip well depends primarily on stance and aim

    It pays to check what whips are actually legal in each state; in Queensland it is still very much illegal to have a whip in your possession that has more than 12 strands or that has exactly nine strands and/or knotted ends and/or metal tips

  5. Never stop watching

    This rule simply means: FOCUS! Your submissive deserves your full attention while she/he is being whipped. Ask bystanders to move back and not make conversation with you during scenes. A submissive can feel anger through the end of a whip but more-so can feel inattention

    Keep a constant watch on what you are hitting

    Know if your submissive likes a "sting-y" or "thud-y" type of sensation

  6. Seek expert advice and training for the whips you wish to master

    We are all part of a community that is renowned for the wealth of experience among its members. Most people would be flattered if you were to ask them to demonstrate their technique. Never be too afraid to ask

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