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Gag safety

22 July 1997

Rules for gag safety in consensual BDSM scenes
(taken in summary from the Jay Weisman book "S&M 101")

  1. Remember using a gag dramatically intensifies the risk of a S&M scene

  2. Obviously a gagged submissive cannot call out safe-words. Here are some options for alternative "safe-words" when the bottom or submissive is gagged:

    1. Have the submissive hold a ball, scarf or similar. When they drop it it means the scene has become too intense

    2. Have the submissive snap their fingers

    3. Have the submissive vigorously nod their head UP and DOWN. Most subs can shake their heads from side to side but hardly any nod

    4. Have the submissive grunt in a recognisable pattern, such as two short grunts then pause then two more

    5. Have the submissive tap, with an arm or leg, two or more times on their body, their partner's body or a piece of equipment to which they are bound

    6. For our more talented submissives learn the deaf alphabet and teach it to your dominant

  3. The main danger of a gag is that it will interfere with a submissive's breathing. Do not leave a gagged submissive unattended. Make sure the nasal air-way is completely clear. Always double check your gags

  4. Attach any mouth stuffing to the gag itself so it will not slide down the submissive's throat

  5. Another problem with a gag may be vomiting. If a gagged sub was to vomit while gagged this could be fatal. Try having a "noisemaker" of some kind (eg. a bell) available to your submissive and if you must leave the room have them sound it at regular intervals so that you know they are Ok. Alternatively, they can sound it immediately they become distressed

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